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La Cup Luneale

Upgraded menstrual cup

Incomparable comfort

Many women are bothered by the stems of traditional menstrual cups. We replaced it with the MoonPad, our exclusive grip zone. The Luneale Cup does not cause any friction, even during your sports sessions or if you have undergone an episiotomy.

Well thought out design

We surrounded ourselves with midwives, users and an ergonomist to create the design of La Cup Luneale. Many users ask us why no one thought of it before. Our cup is now patented in more than 70 countries!

Very easy to use

The ergonomic design makes it easy to use even for beginners. The MoonPad makes it easy to turn on itself to ensure deployment.

Security first

The lack of stem significantly reduces the suction effect when you remove the cup, since it is mandatory to pinch. Extra insurance for IUD users!

Ideal positioning

The Cup Luneale is generally positioned low, because of its stemless desgn. Thus, it rests in its natural place, for a better comfort.

Maximum adaptability

The flexible body of the Cup Luneale does not need to be fully deployed to keep your cup watertight, which keeps the walls of your vagina from over-solicitation. </ p>

Easy maintenance

The surface of the cup Luneale is polished so that the blood does not stick for easy and quick cleaning.

Premium french manufacturing

It is the guarantee of a high level of quality and safety, in compliance with human and environmental manufacturing standards.

Material ZOOM in

100% platinum medical silicone

Luneale has selected the highest quality silicone to make la Cup Luneale: Platinum Medical Silicone. Silicone is a material made from silica (like glass) and not oil.

The silicone selected by Luneale is very stable in time and sterilization, both in its chemical and physical properties. It is biocompatible and does not promote microbial and bacterial growth.We chose not to add dye or additives . It’s also guaranteed latex free, BPA free, phthalate free. We focus on the essentials.