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10 reasons to offer a menstrual cup

The menstrual cup, a personal matter?
If you still believe this, here are 10 good reasons to dare to offer La Cup Luneale to the person who shares your life.
She’ll thank you, for sure!


1. You prove to her your open-mindedness and modernity.

A lot of people are disgusted by periods.

Ils ne veulent pas en entendre parler, ne s’y intéressent pas.

As a result, some menstruating people hide a little from the person who shares their life during their period.

By offering them a menstrual cup, you prove to the chosen one in your heart that you are not one of them and that a simple natural phenomenon does not disgust you.


2. You show her that her well-being is important to you.

It’s true, after all, you do offer massage to your beloved, so why not a menstrual cup?
By offering a menstrual cup, you show her that her well-being is essential to you, that you want to make her life easier.


3. You’re going to surprise her like no one before you.

Everyone (or almost everyone) loves surprises. By offering her a menstrual cup, you will surprise her for sure!
Because it is certain that she will not expect it…(well, avoid giving her this only gift for his birthday…)


4. It’s a change from flowers!

Everybody likes flowers, but it’s an easy gift.
With a menstrual cup, you give her an original gift that shows her that you are thinking ‘long term’ with her.
And on top of that, it’s cheaper than a bouquet!


5. You’ll be able to cuddle more, even during menstruation.

With a menstrual cup, nothing sticking out, no smell, no leaks. So she’ll be more comfortable cuddling during her period. And you can even offer her a little naughty pleasure (without penetration, let’s not exaggerate…).
What’s more, wearing a cup during her period will allow her to have less intimate discomfort the other days.


6. No more trash cans overflowing with disposable pads.

It’s unpleasant, isn’t it, the trash can full of smelly disposable pads?
With a cup, it’ll be ancient history.

7. She’s going to throw away her ugly old panties.

When the one who shares your life has her period, does she wear shapeless panties that you hate?
Again, with a cup, it’s over.
Since he won’t have any more leaks, he’ll soon tell himself that those special panties don’t belong in his wardrobe anymore.  For your greatest pleasure (and his own…) !


8. You’re going to save her some money.

On average, your loved one spends 80 to 100€ per year on disposable protection.
By offering him a Cup Luneale, he will be able to put this money aside and, why not, offer you a great restaurant! 🙂

9. You’re making a gesture for the planet.

You’re not insensitive to the protection of the planet?
By allowing the person who shares your life to replace with a cup the 290 protections they throw away on average per year – which take 500 years to biodegrade – you are actively participating in the preservation of the environment.


10. With this gift, you will revolutionize his life!

You’re already bringing sunshine into his life.
So imagine if you bring him a revolution!
Surely she’ll love you even more…

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