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Painful periods ? Some natural solutions.

Which menstruating person has never suffered from painful periods (the lucky one …)?

10% of us are even prone to intense pain, almost bearable.
Of course, traditional medicines are often effective. But there are also a multitude of natural solutions that can help you get rid of your menstrual pain.

but by the way, what are the causes of this menstrual pain?

Menstrual pain, by their scientific name dysmenorrhea, is an annoyance known by the majority of people with regular periods. If in general the cramps are light and bearable, for about 10% of people, they are very painful, even disabling.

There are two types of dysmenorrhea:
Primary dysmenorrhea: it is the most frequent, that which does not constitute the symptom of another gynecological disorder. It is particularly widespread in young people and often it decreases with age or after pregnancy. This form of dysmenorrhea can be aggravated by various factors, including retroversion of the uterus, stress, smoking or smoking alcohol.

Secondary dysmenorrhea: This is the symptom of another disorder, such as endometriosis, a fibroid or an ovarian cyst.

Obviously, we do not treat the 2 types of pain in the same way, and our advice is not intended to replace an exchange with your doctor or your midwife, but they can help you relieve them.

1. watch your diet.

What we eat directly affects our body (we all know that), but also our pain.
So yes, during menstruation, we sometimes want sugar. But beware, the brain is bugging us: because the more sugar we eat, the more it hurts.
The reason is simple: sugar will increase the insulin level, which will then lead to the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin.
coffee and red meat should also be avoided.

On the other hand, prefer foods rich in vitamin D , because this vitamin is reputed to reduce menstrual cramps:
– Oily fish: salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, tuna …
– Cereals
– Eggs
– Mushrooms of Paris

Be careful, we often read that soy milk is good for these periods, because it is full of vitamin D. But since it contains a lot of estrogens, it could also worsen the symptoms in some people. So be careful.

So in summary:

2. hydrate yourself.

Drinking a lot avoids bloating which does not help our business …
Avoid carbonated or sugary drinks, and think of water (you can for example prepare infused waters – also called detox water- summer) but also tea and herbal teas.
Heat increases the flow of blood, which can relax the muscles that cause some of the pain.

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3. think of essential oils.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated and often very effective in fighting menstrual pain. Here are two recipes that can make the difference, to apply in circular massage on the lower abdomen:

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4. try acupressure.

Some people get surprising results by massaging specific points on the body to relieve painful periods.
Acupressure is an ancestral technique, derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the stimulation of energy points located on meridians corresponding to the different organs.

Here are some points that can relieve menstrual pain:

The Sanyinjiao point

How to find it?
It is located 4 fingers above the maleol, on the 2 legs. This point is located on the meridian of the Spleen, and it is also at the crossroads of the meridians of the Liver and the Kidneys.

How to do it?
Squeeze it for 1 to 2 minutes, then massage it in a circle.

For whom?
It would be particularly effective on people with irregular periods

The Taichong point

How to find it?
It is located on the top of the 2 feet, 2 fingers from the birth of the big toe, between the bones. This point is located on the meridian of the Liver.

How to proceed?
Press it continuously, massage it circularly or tap it with your fingertips.

For whom?
It would be particularly effective on people with heavy and irregular periods

The Lower Dan Tian Point

How to find it?
It is located 3 fingers below the navel, which is also the center of gravity of the body. This point is located on Vaisseau Conception, which would be the energy center.

How to proceed?
Choice of: continuous pressing, circular massage, tapping with your fingertips or pressing gradually by releasing suddenly.

For whom?
It is recommended for people with heavy or very painful periods.

5. let yourself be tempted by the macerates of buds.

More and more people are seduced by the results of gemmotherapy.
Gemmotherapy is an unconventional medicine based on macerates (with or without alcohol) of buds and young shoots, which concentrate the virtues of the plant in the making.

There are 2 plant buds particularly recommended in case of painful periods: the Raspberry and Viburnum.

Be careful however, have a professional accompany you and / or read the precautions carefully, because gemmotherapy is not to be taken lightly: for example, viburnum is prohibited for people allergic to aspirin, and Raspberry is to be taken as a cure outside of menstrual periods.

6. move and stretch.

Yes, we sometimes want to curl up on a sofa in a sweater during menstruation. And that’s OK!
But still try to get some fresh air by going out for a walk, cycling, or swimming in the pool.

No need to rush on the days when you really aren’t on the attack, but doing a little gentle exercise will promote less pain by increasing blood flow.

You can also do stretching, which will do good for your spine and pelvis.
Here are some yoga postures that can relieve pain:

7. heat, your best ally.

Apply a hot water bottle on the lower abdomen. The effect is often very quick, as the heat relaxes the muscles and accelerates blood flow to the hot area.

8. consult an Osteopath.

The Ostéo, we often think about it when our back is blocked, much less so that it helps us with painful periods. And yet!
Sometimes the pain can be caused by bone blockage, especially in the small pelvis.
For example, if your period pains are more intense since childbirth, this can really be a avenue to explore …

We hope that among this wealth of advice, you will find the solution that suits you. Do not hesitate to tell us what works for you or to share other techniques in a comment, as this can be useful for everyone!



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