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Menstrual cup, reinvented

The new generation of menstrual cup, with its patented ergonomic stemless design. 100% platinium grade medical silicone, without dye, additive and whitening agent. Available in 3 sizes to choose according to your flow.

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With La Cup Luneale rather than an other menstrual cup ?
Patented exclusive design with the MoonPad®, created with midwives, users and an ergonomist, with several benefits :

  • Easy to use, even for beginers
  • Ultimate comfort the lack of stem prevents from friction, zero sensation when wearing
  • Maximum security : with the MoonPad® you have to pinch when removal, so that minimises the suction effect.
  • Ideal for IUD carriers : More about cup + IUD
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its polished surface : More about the cup maintenance

La Cup Luneale is designed and made in France and packaged in an adapted company, which employs people with disabilities.

Result : 96% of people who compared it to another menstrual cup prefer it.

The Luneale Cup is made in France in 100% platinium grade medical silicone .

This means that it contains no petrochemical products, no BPA, phthalate, dye, additive nor silver nanoparticles.

Platinium grade medical silicone is a naturally bacteriostatic (= bacteria do not grow on its surface) and biocompatible material. Learn more about medical silicone.

Choose your size
Choose the size of your Cup regarding your flow :

    • If at the climax of your flow, you wear normal tampons or you can keep your pad on more than 6 hours : you have a light flow, choose a S size.
    • If at the climax of your flow, you wear super tampons or you can keep your pad on from 3 to 6 hours : you have a medium flow, choose a M size.
    • If at the climax of your flow, you wear superplus tampons or you can keep your pad on less than 3 hours : you have an heavy flow, choose a L size.

Exceptions : if you have an heavy flow but you have vaginismus, if you have never had vaginal intercourse or if you are very prone to urinary tract infections, we advise you to start with a M size.


Clear results

Try la cup luneale, you won’t regret it !



More than 9 out of 10 people who try LA CUP over 1 cycle never return to disposable periodic protections.


prefer it

Those who have also tried another menstrual cup prefer La Cup Luneale for the most part.

€ saved

With an average of €8 / month for your disposable protections, you save almost €500 over 5 years.

protections not thrown

Each menstruating person throws on average 290 protections per year which will take 500 years to degrade. A strong gesture for the planet.

other benefits of menstrual cups

Night & Day use

Possibility to sleep with the Luneale cup, within the limit of 8 hours maximum wearing in a row.

Swimming allowed

Pool or sea, no more worries about a buffer that sticks with water or protruding string.


No waste generated during use and very little water to clean it.


A single menstrual cup for 5 years of use: a smart and sustainable investment.



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