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Use of La Cup Luneale

Is La Cup Luneale easy to use?

Some people are very comfortable from the first use of their menstrual cup, others take a little longer to tame it.
As with lenses, there is a variable grip time from one to the other.
That said, the cup is adopted by 91% of users after 2 cycles of use.
So train outside of your period, and to reassure yourself, you can wear a panty liner during your first cycles with your new La Cup Luneale.

How. long can I keep my menstrual cup in ?

It depends on the size of the flow and the model of La Cup Luneale chosen. The majority of women can wear their cup for 8 hours straight without worry. In all cases, La Cup Luneale has a wearing time much longer than the disposable periodic protections.

Can I sleep with a menstrual cup ?

Of course it is possible, you can even sleep naked! And very quickly, we bet that you will wonder how you could support these enormous special night protections (yes, those that go up in the middle of the back…). But be careful: you should only keep it maximum for 8 hours at a stretch.

Can I play sports with a menstrual cup?

Of course ! You can dance, run, jump, go diving, yoga, biking, horseback riding or even curling.
La Cup Luneale will not bother you. Just think of emptying it before your sporting activity to be completely serene, and to have a maximum capacity (because if you do sport intensively, the contractions of the perineum can slightly reduce its capacity)
And at the beach or at the pool, it’s so much more pleasant when your protection doesn’t get wet …

Should I remove my menstrual cup to go to the WC?

There is very little risk that La Cup Luneale will “fall” while you go to the water closets (no more than with a tampon).
If this is the case, we advise you to consult a competent health professional – gynecologist, midwife, physiotherapist – , as it is possible that your perineum is too loose (and perineum is very important)

There is also no risk that the string will get throated with urine, since there is no string …
Remember that the urine comes out of the urethra, and periods of the vagina, as you can see in our article on anatomy.

Can I have sex while wearing a menstrual cup?

La Cup Luneale is positioned at the entrance to the vagina, so vaginal penetration is impossible. But you can share cuddle moments with your partner(s). Please note, the menstrual cup is not a method of contraception and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Can my menstrual cup go up in my body?

No. Definitely not.
At the end of the vagina is the cervix, which measures between 3mm in women who have not had a child and up to 25 mm in mothers with large families. We explain all this in detail in our article on anatomy.
It is therefore absolutely impossible for La Cup to go beyond the vagina.

Can my Cup Luneale get stuck in my body?

If you have trouble removing your menstrual cup, your vaginal muscles are probable tight. Put yourself in a comfortable position, relax and push a little on the abdominal muscles to bring it down, as if you were going to the toilet: the MoonPad will be easily accessible and you can pinch it.

How can I be sure that my Cup Luneale is correctly positioned?

If you do not feel it and it has turned on itself, it is because it is in place.
To go further, read our article: how to properly position my menstrual cup?

How do I know when my cup is full?

La Cup Luneale is full when blood reaches the holes.
This generates a feeling of detachment because the suction effect is less: it’s time to go and empty it!
You may also feel moisture on your vulva.
Quickly, you will get to know your flow and when it is time to empty it.

Where to empty my menstrual cup?

Where you want: in the toilet, in a sink, in the shower … If you are not at home, you can head to a disabled toilet (where there is a sink most of the time). And if there is no water point in the toilets, we created the cupfriendly wipes that will allow you to clean your cup without water before reinserting it.

Can I put my cup before my period?

This is one of the main advantages of the menstrual cup. If you have regular periods, you can wear your cup before your period arrives to cover any eventuality.
Since there is no absorption, you will not be embarrassed and your vaginal flora will be respected. But beware: here again, respect a maximum wearing time of 8 hours!

My Cup Luneale does not always unfold completely. To what is it due and how to solve it?

Only the upper ring seals La Cup Luneale: it is therefore it that must be deployed completely.
This is why it is essential to rotate the Cup on itself: it deploys the ring.
The body of La Cup Luneale is flexible, it can be crushed in places to best adapt to the body, unlike what happens with classic menstrual cups which must be fully deployed.

To know more :

My menstrual cup is leaking, what should I do?

There are several reasons that can cause blood to leak with a menstrual cup. Everything is explained in our Cuplife article: my menstrual cup is leaking, what to do?

You say that La Cup Luneale can be kept up to 8 hours continuously. Concretely, what do I do?

This means that we advise to empty and rinse La Cup Luneale at least every 8 hours, whether it is full or not.

Health and menstrual cup.

I wear an IUD, is La Cup Luneale for me?

Wearing an IUD does not avoid you from using La Cup Luneale if the wires are cut short enough.
La Cup Luneale is also the menstrual cup recommended by many midwives for its weak suction effect. You can read our full article on this subject: Cup and IUD, is it possible?

I wear a contraceptive ring, is La Cup Luneale for me?

The contraceptive ring is placed in the vagina around the cervix.
Most of the time, it is compatible with the cup, but it can (in some cases) bother you depending on your anatomy, especially if your vagina is short.
The easiest way is to talk to your gynecologist or midwife, who knows you better than we do!

I have an allergic background, can I wear a menstrual cup?

In La Cup Luneale, there is no presence of latex, rubber, bisphenols, PVC, proteins, peroxide, which are the most allergenic.
We have also ruled out dyes, which can be allergenic (and which are useless) as well as additives.

Allergies to conventional silicones are often detected with cosmetics or bands of stockings. But the silicone used by Luneale – platinium medical silicone – is different. To date, none of our users have had an allergy to silicone from La Cup Luneale (and even some customers allergic to traditional silicones have told us that in their case, La Cup Luneale had not triggered them allergy)

I know I am allergic to silicone, can I wear a menstrual cup?

La Cup Luneale is made from 100% of one of the best platinium grade medical silicones, certified biocompatible and implantable for 29 days (used in hospitals). Learn more about our silicone, the silicone used by Luneale.

Almost all allergic reactions can be ruled out, even if you know you are allergic to silicone.

I have just given birth, can I put or put my cup back for my return of diapers?

It is formally not recommended to use a menstrual cup for postnatal bleeding and as soon as you return from diapers.
It is necessary to wait until the vagina and the cervix are put back and to make your rehabilitation of the perineum.
Ask your gynecologist / midwife for advice, who knows you better than us …

I had an episio, when can I put or put back a menstrual cup?

Wait until the scar is completely absorbed and your perineum is rehabilitated, to keep La Cup Luneale in place.

In any case, talk to your gynecologist / midwife, who knows you better than us and can advise you.

I had a miscarriage, can I put my cup back when I get my period?

It is necessary to wait until the vagina and the cervix are replaced to (re) put a menstrual cup.
In this case, we advise you to discuss it with your gynecologist / midwife, who knows you better than us and can advise you.

I underwent an abortion, can I put my cup when my period will come?

It is necessary to wait until your vagina and your cervix are put back. Talk to your gynecologist / midwife, who knows you better than us and can advise you.

I'm a virgin, can i wear a menstrual cup ?

It is possible for a virgin woman to use La Cup Luneale.

Everything is explained in detail in our article “I’m a virgin, can i wear a menstrual cup ?”
If you decide to take the plunge, we advise you to start with one of the 2 smaller models (S or M), because the L could be a little impressive.

I have a fibroid (or polyp), can I use a menstrual cup?

In any case, talk to your gynecologist or midwife about your wish to try La Cup Luneale, who will know you and will be able to advise you.

In some cases it is possible, but not in all: only medical advice can determine it.

I have endometriosis, can I use a menstrual cup?

On this subject, the (rare) studies contradict each other:
Some say there is no connection between the use of menstrual cups and endometriosis, others say the opposite.
It’s frustrating (for us too), but in this specific case, we encourage you to make your choice of periodic protection by talking to the health professional who follows you, because endometriosis can take many forms .
That said, we have comebacks of clients with endometriosis who are delighted with their Cup Luneale.

I have had vaginal surgery, can I still use my menstrual cup?

After a hysteroscopy or other intervention, we do not recommend using a menstrual cup. You have to wait until the vagina is replaced, and your doctor will give you the green light.

I have a vaginal infection, can I use my menstrual cup ?

If you have a declared infection (or suspect you have one), avoid wearing any periodic internal protection. Otherwise, it can burn.

So do not wear a menstrual cup during treatment (and a little after) and do a good sterilization before putting it back, in case the cup has been in contact with your infection.

I have an egg treatment (or vaginal cream), can I put my menstrual cup?

No. During this period, use external protections, on pain of discomfort or burns.

Do you have less period pain when you wear a cup?

In most cases, no. Sadly.
But in some clinical studies on the menstrual cup, some people said they had less stomach ache than usual. So, placebo effect or not? We can’t say …
But maybe just because the Luneale Cup is not in contact with the cervix, unlike tampons, some pain could be avoided.
On Cuplife, we also give you some natural tips against menstrual pain!

I often get UTIs, can I use my cup?

While some rigid cups can press the bladder or urethra and make urination incomplete, the body of La Cup Luneale is flexible enough not to generate this type of discomfort.
We still suggest opting for one of the 2 smaller models.
You can also remove it before the first urine in the morning to make sure your bladder is completely empty …

Does using menstrual cups prevents from TSS?

We wrote a full article about the cup & the TSS on Cuplife that we invite you to read.

I have a retroverted uterus, can I use a cup?

Yes, it is possible in the extreme majority in cases, but we still advise to make a preliminary check of the position of your collar: all the explanations are in our article ‘cup and uterus retrovered’

Maintain my menstrual cup.

How to sterilize my cup?

Many solutions :
– Either immerse it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. When it comes out, wait for it to cool and then place it in its fabric pouch.
– Either you put it in a glass jar full of water and place everything in the microwave power 600W for 3 minutes.
In these 2 cases, wait for it to cool before using it (or pass it under cold water for a few moments)

You can also use cold sterilization tablets (as for baby bottles) according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To go further, see our article on Cuplife: How to clean my cup effectively?

How to clean my cup in public places?

Disabled toilets will be of great help to you! There are some in many places, and most of the time they have a sink.
In the absence of a sink in the toilet, several solutions:

  • go to the toilet with a small bottle of water (with a sports cap, it’s even more convenient!) to rinse the cup
  • use our cupfriendly wipes which are specially created for this.
  • And in the extreme case and in an exceptional way, it is possible to empty the cup and wipe it with paper to rinse it then as soon as you will have access to a water point.

I will not be able to sterilize my menstrual cup before my periods, what do you recommend?

You can consider 2 solutions:

  • Either you use effervescent cold sterilization tablets, which have the same effect as immersing the cup in boiling water.
  • Or, exceptionally, you can wash the cup with gynecological Betadine (blue bottle). But beware, Betadine will color the cup irreversibly (but without effect on its efficacy and safety, of course)

Why don't you advise sterilizing the cup during menstruation?

The vagina is a clean but not sterile environment (fortunately for our intimate lives)

The smooth surface of the Luneale Cup does not stick and the medical silicone does not allow bacterial growth.
So during menstruation, it is sufficient to rinse the cup with fresh drinking water before reintroducing it. You can also use La Mousse Culottée or, if you do not have temporary access with water, cupfriendly wipes .

My Cup is tinted, how can I restore its transparent appearance?

You can add a spoon of baking soda to your sterilization water, this should remove a good part of the shade.
If this is not enough, allow it to soak overnight in water with bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide.
Guaranteed result!
And be careful, rinse it well with clean water then in any case !!!

My Cup Luneale clouded when it was transparent when purchased. Do I have to worry? And how can I restore its original appearance?

This happens in regions where the water is particularly hard. All the explanations in our Cuplife article which talks about clouding of the cup .

My cup holes are getting blocked, what should I do?

Sometimes the holes get blocked with a little blood.
To unblock them, simply fill the Cup to the brim with water, place the palm of your hand flat on the upper ring to plug it and press the body: the water will come out through the holes and evacuate the blood which would have been there.


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