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How to use the menstrual cup

The first time with a menstrual cup is like a lot of things : you will need a little time to learn how to use it, but after this time, it will be very easy.

Just follow this quick steps and you will switch serenely to the menstrual cup !

Important tips for beginners:

During the first cycles, double your cup with a towel or panty liner, to remove any stress.
You can do your first manipulation tests of your menstrual cup outside of your period (by moistening it so that it slides better): thus, you will already have a little experience when your period arrives.

In any case, make sure to wash your hands well before handling: this is very important.


find the fold that best suits your anatomy.


Punchdown fold


you can test 2 methods to know which one you will feel the best with.

2 steps insertion

Recommended method with C-fold

Once it is folded, insert only the top of your menstrual cup, until half of its height.

Then, screw it in direction of the bottom of the vagina, taking care to place it in the vagina axis (so slightly backwards)


Direct insertion

Recommended method with punchdown fold.

Once it is folded, insert only the whole menstrual cup inside your vagina, taking care to place it in the vagina axis (so slightly backwards).

Then screw it to be sure it is correctly deployed.



Most of the time, La Cup Luneale is positioned naturally low (about 1 phalanx from the entrance of the vagina): it suffices to pinch the MoonPad to cancel the suction effect and remove it.

If it goes too far (depending on your anatomy and your movements) get on the toilet and push with your pelvic muscles to bring it down, then pinch the MoonPad to remove it.

Cleaning and maintenance of the menstrual cup

after purchase and between cycles.

Sterilize your Luneale cup.


For this monthly cleaning, you can:

– Boil water in a pan and immerse the cup completely for 5 minutes.

– Place la Cup Luneale in a microwave-safe container (ideally a glass jar), cover it completely with water and heat it for 3 minutes at 600w.

during periods

Simple cleaning


During menstruation, empty and rinse your menstrual cup with potable water, preferably cold so that the cup does not color.

If you wish, you can use la mousse culottée under the shower to clean it. And when you don’t have access to a sink in the toilet, our cupfriendly wipes can be of great help.



Luneale cupfriendly cares

Our cupfriendly natural cares are specifically created for both a safe use with silicone menstrual cups and a maximum softness with your vulva.

Their composition are natural and vegan, with organic actives principles.