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How to use your menstrual cup.

Fold your menstrual cup.

First, wash your hands. It is very important.

Before you insert your menstrual cup, it must be bent.

Everybody has their favorite fold, so take the time to find the one that suits you by doing some tests before your period. Moisten your cup with some or with a little organic coconut oil if you have, it will help you.

That way when you will be on your period, you will already be more comfortable!


Punchdown fold

Insert your menstrual cup.

Once your cup folded, it must be inserted.

We may be a little repetitive, but we advise you again to make some tests before your period, just to find the way that matches your anatomy, passing under the water (or putting a little oil organic coconut on the outside) so that it slides well. And wash your hands before handling the cup, it’s very important.

You can put yourself on the toilet, in your shower/bath, the main thing is that you have a stoop and you’re relaxed!

And do not panic if you do not succeed the first time, it takes 1 to 3 cycle to definitely be comfortable. Here are some methods, but you will find yours very quickly (which can be one of these or another of your creation).

To reassure you the first time in the real situation, put a pad or a panty liner (washable?) to avoid accidents.

Insertion in 2 steps

Recommended method with the C-Fold.

Once folded, only insert the upper ring into your vagina, about 1-inch phalanx.

Then, “screw” your cup to the bottom of your vagina (backwards) until it is completely in your vagina and you do not feel it anymore.

Direct insertion

Recommended method with the punchdown fold.

Once folded, insert the entire cup inside your vagina backwards.

Turn it about 1/4 turn on itself to deploy the upper ring that seals.

As soon as it turns and you do not feel it, it is that it is in place.

And if you feel it a little, try to push it slightly towards the bottom.

Remove your menstrual cup.

Just because the Luneale Cup does not have a stalk you will have to go on an expedition to get it back, do not worry!

Your vagina measures between 3 and 4 inches and the Cup Luneale is about 2 inches. In addition, it is often positioned very low, about 1 phalanx of the entrance of your vagina. It is often enough to pinch the base, remove and empty (and before, we remind you that you should wash your hands).

But, if it is up, near the collar (it can happen depending on your anatomy and your activity), do not panic, your body is well done: you just have to push with your pelvic muscles and it will come back down. That’s when you can pinch it to remove it.

Clean your menstrual cup.

after purchase and between cycles.

Sterilize your Luneale cup.


For this monthly cleaning, you can:

– Boil water in a pan and immerse the cup completely for 5 minutes.

– Place la Cup Luneale in a microwave-safe container (ideally a glass jar), cover it completely with water and heat it for 3 minutes at 600w.


Rince your cup Luneale or clean it.


Simply empty and rinse your Luneale Cup with fresh potable water and then rinse it with warm water.

If you want to clean it with soap or other washing, be careful with its composition and pH. You can also use the mousse culottée, the Luneale cup friendly intimate foam, it is (also) made for that!


Try the mousse culottée Luneale, our cup friendly  intimate cleasing foam. It is specially formulated with natural ingredients for your periods of menstruation and to clean your cup in the shower.

A perfect composition validated by the “UFC Que Choisir”, a soft texture and a natural fragrance at the top!


Ma cup ne se déploie pas, que faire ?

Ma cup ne se déploie pas, que faire ?

Pour être sûr.e que votre cup menstruelle est étanche, il faut que l'anneau supérieur soit correctement déployé. C'est lui qui assure le contact avec les parois de votre vagin et donc empêche les fuites (même si les fuites peuvent venir d'autres causes comme on vous...