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“I tried several menstrual cup

but Luneale’s design changes everything”

Classical menstrual cups…

The menstrual cup, such as you know it, is based on a 1932 patent : a conical cup with a stem on its base.


The stem has a single function: to guide fingers towards the base of the cup to pinch it when you remove it and cancel the suction effect.


This usual design causes several disadvantages, both in terms of comfort and use:

The stem incites to an misuse.
A menstrual cup with a stem allows you to full on it during removal. But this manipulation creates a suction effect than can be troublesome or worse, which can cause long-term harm.

Furthermore, for IUD carriers, even if there is no proven link between menstrual cups and IUD expulsions, it is best to avoid this suction effect as much as possible.

The stem can hamper you in your movements or when you play sports.
More than 7 in 10 users cut the stem of their menstrual cup, because the stem of a classical menstrual cup tends to hamper during the movements.

When you sit down, when you play sports, it can take out or rub against your vulva and hamper you.


And it is even more true for the horses riders or if you ride a bike!

The stem prevents your menstrual cup from positioning on its natural place
You tend to place your menstrual cup higher than what it should be, for that the stem is inside your vagina : your comfort can suffer from it, and it can also cause some leaks in some cases.

Luneale created the MoonPad®

We consulted midwives, users and confided our preparatory work to an ergonomist: The MoonPad – the pre-pinched and bevelled base of La Cup Luneale – quickly appeared as obvious.


The MoonPad is really simple, but it changes completely the ergonomics of the menstrual cup.

Why should you choose La Cup Luneale rather than another menstrual cup ?

Easy to use

Ergonomical conception that makes the use easy, even for the beginners. You still need 1-3 cycles of adaptation, but after this time 9 out of 10 women definitely adopt it.

Unequalled comfort

Unique conception without stem that prevents from unpleasant or irritating friction

You can moove the way you like,you won’t feel it at all.


Optimum security

As the MoonPad is like prepinched, it prevents from an important suction effect when you remove your cup : that is a real benefit for IUD users.



The flexible body of La Cup Luneale does not need to be fully deployed for your cup to be bloodproof, which keeps the walls of your vagina from over-solicitation.

Easy maintenance

The surface of La Cup Luneale is polished so that the blood does not stick for easy and quick cleaning.

Patented innovations

The innovations brought by La Cup Luneale are unique and protected by an international patent.

Premium Manufacturing.

La Cup Luneale is designed and manufactured in France.

It is a guarantee of a high level of quality and safety, in compliance with manufacturing and environmental standards.

And it’s important for us!

100% platinium grade medical silicone

We chose the highest quality of silicone to create La Cup Luneale: platinum grade medical silicone. Silicone is a material derived from silica (like glass) and not from oil.

The silicone selected by Luneale is very stable in time and sterilization, both in its chemical and physical properties. It is biocompatible and does not promote microbial and bacterial growth.

We choose not to add dye or additives.

It is also guaranteed latex free, BPA free, phthalate free and silver nanoparticules free. Only the essential !

We are extremely attentive to the quality of La Cup Luneale and on its production.

Regulation is very light concerning periodic protections. Unfortunately, there is no requirement on manufacturers in terms of quality.

So everyone sets their criteria: many brands are also eager to work with a certain ethic, but not all of them.

A very cheap menstrual cup should alert you to the quality of the material, as well as the country of origin and the conditions of production.



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